TopSpin Putter
As Seen On The Golf Channel
Jack KuykendallGolf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, #1 Scientific Teacher

"With the TopSpin, the ball starts rolling on impact. You can feel and see the difference. The TopSpin will improve your putting."

Kent Chase
Kent Chase PGA Pro, Kent Chase School of Golf, US Kids Top 50 Teachers

"This is an amazing putter. I'm definitely going to use it and I'm going to show it to all of my students."

Anne Marie
Anne Marie LPGA Teaching Pro, 11 Time Champion Women's Pro Golf Tour

"It's a really comfortable putter to use. I'll definitely be using the TopSpin in my next Legion's Golf Tournament."

Jason Sanders
Jason Sanders- PGA Pro, Whirlwind Golf Club, Phoenix, AZ

"It is a pleasure to putt with the TopSpin. I will be playing with this putter."

John Ostergar
John Ostergar - 5 Handicap

"The TopSpin feels good. It gave me good control and definitely improved my putting today."

Phil Nuccio - 12 Handicap
Phil Nuccio - 12 Handicap

"With my Scotty, when I make my initial stroke, there is a little hop and a skip. With the TopSpin the ball rolls right off the face of the club. I really like it."